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    The Benefits of Automatic Code Reviews

    Automation has now come to a new level. It’s not only limited to the business processes. Now, you can also have automatic code reviews for written code. Today, some tools can automatically review the complete source code. You can set the specific rules or use the default rules to support the review. Let’s learn more about automatic code reviews before getting to the benefits.

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    What is code linting and what does it mean?

    Code limiting is a term that you might have probably heard about. We will see an overview of what is code linting and see the exact meaning for the same. We will also see the advantages of using a code linter.

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    Where does the term code linting come from?

    Lint, Linting and Linter are words you may have heard where talking about static code analysis tools to flag and fix programming errors, bugs, find unused variables and enforce coding standards and styles, but where do these terms come from?