The Benefits of Automatic Code Reviews

29 November 2020

Automation has now come to a new level. It’s not only limited to the business processes. Now, you can also have automatic code reviews for written code. Today, some tools can automatically review the complete source code. You can set the specific rules or use the default rules to support the review. Let’s learn more about automatic code reviews before getting to the benefits.

What is Automatic Code Review?

Automatic Code Review is a process where a tool does the entire source code. The code is analyzed sign a set of pre-defined rules. This will help the tool to find out the inefficient code. Not to mention, the tool can also find bugs and errors. Users can use the code review tool to improve their code. The main aim is to make sure that the code is as per the coding standards. Further, automation has gone one step ahead then analyzing the code. It can now also fix the bugs and errors. If not, it can surely suggest to you the best technique to fix the bug. There are many advantages you will get with the help of this.

How can Automatic Code Review Help?

Before we get into the advantages of using automatic code reviews, we will first know about the places where automatic code review can help.

  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Unused code to improve the efficiency
  • Performance
  • Code style
  • Bugs and errors Most people would have got a complete idea about the advances of this. We will still have a look at all the benefits of automatic code review.

Advantages of Automatic Code Review

The advantages might depend on the tool you are using. These are the basic advantages that you will get in almost all the tools.

Optimized Code with No Bugs

Your code will not only perform better but along with this, it will have no bugs. Bugs can spoil your entire code. If you are working on a huge pile of code, it becomes difficult for a naked eye to find out the bugs. Of course, errors are easy to find and solve but the bugs are not. A small bug can spoil your company’s reputation. It’s always better to have them fixed. Automatic code review is the best way to fix all the bugs without wasting more time.


When you are using an automatic code review tool, you will have to define all the rules. This might sound like a huge work. However, if you see the long term game, this is something that you should surely do. It’s a one-time work. Thereafter, you can easily run the tool and it will check the entire code in a few minutes (the time depends on the length of the code). Most of the tool already has the basic rules already defined for you. Further, it’s almost impossible for a manual code reviewer to analyze the entire code. Therefore, automation is a mandatory requirement if you are working on large applications. Big applications have thousands of lines in the code. All of this starts with a small piece of code which is then scaled to thousands and millions. If you are using automation from the start, it will be a lot easier to scale up and review the code.


No matter how much experience a person has, he or she can surely make a mistake. However, automation software can’t make a mistake. That’s why you will get better accuracy when you are using any such tool. Also, a human can’t find and trace every possible connection of a bug. However, automatic code review can easily find the root cause of the bug or the connections. This applies to bugs as well as security vulnerabilities. A human won’t be able to find the root cause of the vulnerability whereas the tool can, which brings us to the next advantage.


Security is a major part of any code. Your code should be secure enough that there is unauthorized access. In this internet world, attacks have become a lot more common. Even a simple vulnerability in your code can damage the entire application. Automatic code reviews can point out all the vulnerabilities in a very short period. In some cases, it will even suggest the best way to fix it. So, your code will be secure with no vulnerabilities.

Better Productivity and Team Work

Automation is best as it involves no human work. Automatic code reviews are also very similar to them. Instead of having a developer analyze the entire code, you can let the software do it more efficiently. This will increase productivity. Further, it will also help the developer team to implement better security on the code. The tool will point out all the security issues saving time for the developer and letting them improve the code better. This will surely increase the relationship between the developer and the security team.

Machine Learning comes Along

It’s no secret that machine learning is useful for all fields. Most code review tools come with integrated ML capabilities. In simpler words, the tool can analyze the rules and help you create better rules automatically. Not all the tools have this now but if you found the tool which has ML capabilities, it will be the ultimate tool for all future work.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the benefits of automatic code reviews. Some of these will depend on the tool you are using. You might also get better features than this. The conclusion is that if you are not using an automatic code review tool, you should surely start using them. This will help you in increasing efficiency and making the code better in every possible way. Not to mention, it will also save you a lot of time as well as money. So, these two are the big advantages of using Automatic code reviews. There are code review companies who will provide this tool. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from one of these companies.

George Buckley code analysis expert
George Buckley